Good news, the Risk Management Advisory Group (RMAG) is being refreshed!

Risk Matters - Summer 2024

Are you and your colleagues interested in discussing, sharing and learning about all aspects of risk management and governance with your local government peers? LGIS’ Local Government Risk Management Advisory Group (RMAG) is the forum for you.

What is the Risk Management Advisory Group?

For members who are not familiar with RMAG, it is a group of local government representatives who get together to network with their peers. They share their sector’s knowledge and explore best practice risk management systems, processes and procedures.

The RMAG extends to all local government – officers, managers, directors and CEOs with interests in governance, risk and compliance.

LGIS facilitates these meetings for local government members ensuring it is at no cost and that topics of interest are chosen by the members themselves.

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On the agenda

  • Members share their risk journey, highlighting projects and showcasing achievements and key developments.
  • Specialist presentations and case studies on topical issues affecting the sector, including changes to legislation and advances in local government risk management practices.
  • Explore common emerging risk themes and issues.
  • Network with local government peers and subject matter experts.
  • Professional development and support for risk management representatives in local government.

What do you want from RMAG?

We’d love to hear your thoughts. As part of our refreshment of the program, LGIS will be reaching out for your feedback, via email, to gauge your interest in attending and to hear what you would like to see at RMAG. Survey results will shape the agenda to make sure RMAG meets the sector’s needs and provides content that is both contemporary and interesting.

If you’re concerned that we may no longer have your current email address, or would like to send your preferences in advance, please write directly to [email protected]

For more information on RMAG or other information on risk mitigation strategies, please get in touch with the LGIS Risk team.

Have a question you'd like answered?

Each month we take your questions to one of our LGIS team members to answer.

If you want to submit a question for next issue, email us at [email protected]

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Other sections of this season's Risk Matters