LGIS welcomes two new Board members

Risk Matters - Spring 2023

Kelly Hick and Ben Rose have joined the LGIS Board of Directors as independent and member representatives respectively.

WALGA State Council appoints the LGIS Board to provide strategic direction and governance for your local government mutual indemnity scheme, LGISWA. WALGA recognises the broad skill sets and understanding required to successfully lead the scheme and appoints three independent and four local government directors.

Picture of Kelly Hick, independent

Kelly Hick, independent

Kelly joined the LGIS Board of Directors in April 2023 and has over 25 years of
experience across professional services, local government, member-based organisations, the private and public health sector, and higher education. A former practising lawyer and allied health professional, Kelly has qualifications in training and assessment, and a Diploma of Local Government (Elected Member).

Based in the South West, she runs a consulting practice, which provides a range of services in governance, strategy, facilitation and project management.

Picture of Ben Rose, a member representative

Ben Rose, a member representative

Starting in July this year Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup, CEO Ben Rose represents non-metropolitan officers. He has over 15 years’ experience in WA metropolitan and regional local governments. He has also served in executive professional roles across state government, private sector and UK local government.

Ben has held a number of board and committee positions, including currently being on the Board for Advocacy WA and the Chairperson for St Mary’s Primary School Donnybrook. He was previously the Chairperson for the Bunbury Geographe Group of Councils from 2016-2019 and the Bunbury Geographe Tourism Partnership from 2017-2020.

Ben was a Board member for Local Government Professionals WA from 2016-2019 and a Committee Member for the Donnybrook- Balingup Chamber of Commerce from 2016-2017.
Ben and Kelly join current directors: Peter Forbes (Board Chairman), Cr Karen Chappel JP AM, Nick Sloan, Mary Woodford, The Hon Cr Paul Omodei, John Pearson, and Cr Paul Kelly.
For more information on our Board members, please visit the LGIS website lgiswa.com.au under About us < Your Board members.

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