Early notification program: LGIS’ new service to manage injuries

Risk Matters - Spring 2023

If workers have an injury, whether caused at home or at work, LGIS can provide early support to get better outcomes and avoid complications.

Our new ‘Early Notification’ program launched on 1 July 2023 supports our members and their workforce with access to early treatment and return to work support for employees who may have injuries inside or outside of work.

The Scheme funded program empowers our members to support their employees and improve their health and wellbeing outcomes.

When managing employees there are some situations that require additional support. Incidents that occur within or outside of the workplace may become workers’ compensation claims if not handled at the right time. Research suggests that the earlier we can intervene with proactive management, the better the outcome for both the organisation and employee.

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What does the Early Notification Program provide?

Our expert team will help identify the most appropriate services to manage the situation, so that we achieve the best outcomes for your employees (and bushfire volunteers).

The following Scheme funded services are available to all members:

  • Physical injuries – aches or pains

Qualified physiotherapists provide immediate advice and treatment on any minor musculoskeletal conditions. Workers can have up to three sessions with a physiotherapist as required. The program aims to provide early advice to a worker with ongoing aches, pain or discomfort before a more significant injury occurs.

  • Return to work support

Need help to develop a return-to-work program? This provides quick, discrete access to a senior workplace rehabilitation provider, who will develop a full staged return to work program for you and your employee. It is designed to assist our members feel confident in managing an employee’s return to work and know how to progress them step by step.

  • Conflict resolution

We understand that the workplace can be difficult to navigate when there are communication breakdowns, conflict in the workplace or evolving organisational changes. This service provides access to experienced mediators and counsellors

to help problem solve relationship breakdown with practical solutions and adjustment counselling.

  • Bushfire volunteers

Volunteer bushfire fighters (VBF) may face extreme situations or witness challenging situations that can be traumatising. This service provides VBFs with access to counsellors and clinical psychologists that are discrete and personalised.

Not sure about your situation or services needed? Contact us at [email protected] , and we will work with you to navigate the situation and develop practical solutions.

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