Healthy, happy workers deliver for local government

Risk Matters - Autumn 2023

LGIS’ health and wellbeing program, plus a range of resources to make your local government an employer of choice.

In the past decade we’ve learned a lot about the role that employers can play in supporting their staff’s health and wellbeing. Modern, contemporary local governments realise the benefits that a proactive health and wellbeing program can deliver – improving employee engagement, productivity and reducing workers’ compensation claims.

Why you need a health and wellbeing program?

  • Organisations that promote wellbeing as a priority are seen as three times more productive by their employees.
  • Implementing effective early intervention programs results in a five-fold ROI due to increased employee productivity.
  • Each year, work related mental disorder claims result in an average of 4.8 weeks off work.
  • The average costs of presenteeism (reduced productivity when working whilst unwell) far exceeds those attributable to absenteeism. Overall the average annual cost per employee associated with presenteeism is estimated at $1680. This is more than double the estimated cost of absenteeism.
  • When organisations prioritise wellbeing, they are seen as 3.5 times more likely to encourage creativity and innovation.
  • Organisations that prioritise wellbeing are four times less likely to lose talent within the next year.

SOURCE: Thrive at Work, Future of Work Institute, Curtin University

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HWB Funding for all members

The Scheme funded health and wellbeing program (HWB) enables all LGIS members, no matter their size, to deliver a HWB staff program. No matter your local government’s maturity in the HWB space, our resources, publications and tools can help to get you started or supplement current initiatives. By using these resources, you can be confident that you are providing the services your staff need and want, which is an essential component of a successful health and wellbeing program. Make sure you’ve reviewed the LGIS services and get the most out of your funding allocation.

We provide members with a range of resources and tools alongside funded services from our panel of preferred service providers.

Download all of the HWB resources from the LGIS website at – Risk Management > Health and Wellbeing Program. 

Boost your HWB plan

For more information on our health and wellbeing program and your current funding allocation, please get in touch with our team at [email protected]

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