Q&A with Ben Galvin

Risk Matters - Autumn 2021

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Ben Galvin

Head of Strategic Risk Solutions

As the manager of the Risk and Governance Program for LGIS, Ben has responsibility for the delivery of the risk management program LGIS provides to its members. Ben oversees a team of risk consultants who deliver tailored risk solutions to current and emerging risks impacting LGIS members.

Ben brings with him over 16 years of experience in risk related disciplines. His career has seen him work in varying roles in differing industries and locations, including New South Wales, London and now Western Australia.

1) What service hours is the risk management program giving members?

In 2020, LGIS delivered over 9500 hours through the risk management program provided as part of your LGIS membership. This was an increase on 2019 which is a great result given the COVID-19 restrictions placed on the sector, and again shows the importance of the program as risks continue to evolve and emerge.

2) Which services are members using most?

As per previous years, LGIS members used our programs across all risk disciplines. Our people risk offerings (combining human resource risk management and workplace safety) remain popular with members, and there was a renewed focus on liability risk
in 2020.

3) What’s the distribution of hours between metro and regional members?

All LGIS members are supported through this program, but our regional members lead the charge utilising the program slightly more than metropolitan members. This is unsurprising given the resource limitations placed in our regional communities. 

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4) Which risk management programs do you think members should know about?

All of our risk programs offer incomparable value to members. These programs, incorporating professional and contract risk, liability and property, emergency management, workplace safety and human resource risks are designed to work with members to mitigate their risks, and that of the Scheme. 

In 2020, we commenced targeted projects against specific claim trends including looking at the prevalence of upper limb injuries in parks and gardens crews, and psychological injuries. Through the risk program, we developed guidance materials including the Tree Management Guide, and the materials developed to support our members through the COVID pandemic.

5) What are some key focus areas for 2021?

As we move through 2021, the impact of COVID 19 remains a key focus. This year should see the introduction of the Work Health and Safety legislation and we are working with WALGA on supporting our members through this. You will have already seen some guidance notes on this, including the impact on volunteers.

The workplace safety and human resource risk programs will continue to be highly utilised, as will the liability program through the ongoing introduction of the tiered liability assessment program.

Like always, if you need any information on the LGIS risk program, please do not hesitate to contact me on 9483 8821. or [email protected].

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