Local government bushfire volunteers returning safe and well – a practical guide

Risk Matters - Autumn 2021

LGIS in collaboration with WALGA have developed a guide specifically for bushfire volunteers – to supplement their existing risk awareness and encourage positive safety behaviours.

Local governments in Western Australia manage firefighting brigades made up of volunteers from the local community.

The role of these volunteers is highly valuable and important to local communities, but the nature of the work can pose hazards to volunteers, which if not managed properly can lead to harm.

Some of these hazards include:

This list is not exhaustive, but highlights the importance that volunteers are prepared and protected when they attend fire grounds.

This guide covers hazard and risk assessment, roles and responsibilities, the value of training, and other important factors.

We encourage you to make this guide available to your bushfire volunteers. Knowledge is power, and everyone deserves to go home safely each night.

For more information, please contact Emma Horsefield, LGIS Safety Program Manager on 0407 957 932 or [email protected]

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Other sections of this season's Risk Matters