Get Involved! Risk Management Advisory Group

Risk Matters - Autumn 2020

The Local Government Safety Advisory Group meets weekly via videoconference to discuss, workshop and learn about a range of risk topics.

These sessions provide great opportunities to learn from and network with other local government risk professionals, further your knowledge, and develop best practice risk management systems, processes and procedures.

Previous topics have included:

  • Scarborough Foreshore Intergenerational Plaza Development – risk and reward
  • Local Government Act Review – proposed changes
  • Managing fraud risk in local government
  • Fleet risk management in local government
  • National redress and local government
  • The changing world of local government waste management

For more information contact OSH program manager Emma Horsefield at emma.hors[email protected] to confirm you are on the mailing list.

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Other sections in this season's Risk Matters

Aquatic Facility Equipotential Bonding

Western Australia is home to 129 public aquatic facilities and thousands more school, hotel/motel and back yard pools. While many know of the risks within these facilities such as lack of patron supervision, inappropriate use of shallow water and issues associated with slips, trips and falls – non-compliance with equipotential bonding (earthing) requirements can present a relatively unknown or hidden risk.

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Other sections of this season's Risk Matters

Local government workers

Performing safely

Risk Matters – Autumn 2020 The City of Subiaco has recently had great results in transforming their safety culture through the PErforM program. The purpose

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