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Risk Matters - Spring 2021

As we head towards warmer weather, our community events will begin to ramp up once again.

This is a great time to remind ourselves of the risks associated with the delivery of events; approvals, compliance, and enforcement activities; providing venues, equipment, staff or volunteers for events; and sponsoring events within the community.

Remember to ensure that the potential risks from third parties are considered in your risk management plan and that they have the proper licences and insurances.

Local governments may also engage volunteers for community events. All volunteers should receive an induction into the organisation and event which includes but is not limited to hazard identification, incident response, orientation, training and supervision.

Furthermore, on-site safety (in accordance with the appropriate legislation) at your event is vital. Not only is the safety of your community vital, but also that of the workers or contractors helping the event be a success.

LGIS has the unique combination of event, risk management and risk financing skills, which means we are well placed to provide an understanding of those risks enabling you to deliver, approve, facilitate, and support safe and quality events within your communities.

Did you know?

All members of LGIS have access to support and guidance on developing event risk management strategies to ensure stakeholders understand the requirements and their roles in ensuring risks are mitigated and events are held safely.
This includes review and comments on event risk management plans for events delivered and/or approved by local government.
These services are included as a benefit of Scheme membership.

Other sections in this season's Risk Matters

To discuss your risks, please contact your regional risk coordinator or the LGIS risk management team on 9483 8868, for more information on the services the LGIS injury prevention team can provide, please call 9483 8818, or for more information on your cover, please contact your LGIS member services account manager.

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Other sections of this season's Risk Matters