Election verge signs

Risk Matters - Spring 2021

Did you know - local government council candidates placing election signage on either Council-owned or -controlled land are required to apply for a permit?

Consider this…

A candidate’s election sign hasn’t been attached correctly and blows off in bad weather – damaging a third party’s property, or injures a person walking past.

This means that as elected members, you should be protecting yourself by taking out public liability insurance. This type of policy is designed to cover you for claims as a result of negligence, and will also cover the sign on private land (if permitted), with no restrictions on size.

Under this type of policy, the people installing the signage will be covered even though they are not Council employees.

If you are undertaking the following activities, then we highly recommend you have a public and products liability policy:

  • Are a Council candidate

  • Holding meet and greets with residents

  • Putting up signage

  • Signage being distributed on Council land

  • Required to obtain a permit and liability insurance

Speak to your LGIS member services account manager for advice.

Since publishing this article, Main Roads has released guidelines regarding the installation of advertising material – read here.

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Other sections of this season's Risk Matters