New principles and standards for insurers

Risk Matters - Spring 2020

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LGIS is currently implementing the new Principles and Standards released by WorkCover WA on 1 July, 2020.

The Principles and Standards work together – with the Principles outlining the overarching expectations for service delivery in WA, and the Standards prescribing minimum service levels for workers’ compensation providers.

The four Principles guiding decision-making in all aspects of workers’ compensation are:

  1. Transparent and timely;
  2. Reasonable and active;
  3. Regular and responsive and,
  4. Viable and accountable.

The Standards of Practice include six priority areas, identified by WorkCover WA, which have the greatest impact on workers and employers.

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The creation of Principles and Standards occurred within a reference group of industry stakeholders and through community consultation.

LGIS welcomes the introduction of the Principles and Standards and is open to closer regulation of compliance by WorkCover WA.

As owners of the LGIS mutual indemnity scheme, each member plays a key role in ensuring we not only meet but exceed the service expectations. This will also contribute to timely and durable return to work outcomes for injured workers, and allow the Scheme to maintain low contributions for our members.

Our Senior Claims and/ or Injury Management Consultants change will be contacting members to arrange a meeting over the coming months to provide further detail on the Principles and Standards and the continued support we require to achieve WorkCover WA’s new expectations.

In the meantime, you can read the Principles and Standards at the WorkCover WA website.

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